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The modern consumer is an informed one.  He doesn't take chances to buy a deformed product and if he buys, not again. The customers have become to trust product reviews as a good way of getting reliable information. The description posted by manufacturers and service providers are produced with keen interests of making a sale and generating profit. The shortcoming of any product is thus not described. The consumer will, therefore, have to seek for information elsewhere so as to get solid facts before making a decision.


Consumer advocacy groups offer product reviews so that they can help protect consumer rights. Sometimes, there is paid reviews which have made many people start to doubt the review sites. Sponsored reviews are made by the producer of a product and will therefore be biased. 


On-page reviews are a great way to help customers review your products or services. This is a page in which visitors to your site can give their experience with your product. This is more than product confidence building strategy but also an SEO tool. Customers tend to search for a product plus review or rating phrases. They can easily find your website in this case.  You can as well direct them to review your product on a third party site. Customers tend to have a believe in the reviews made by other customers who have used it. Learn about products in a unbiased way for the best results.   


When there is a tendency for competitors to abuse the product reviews, they have gained trust that cannot be easily eroded. There are competitors who sponsor negative reviews about a company product with the hope that customers will slow down in the purchase of a product from the competitor and buy more from them. Some have benefited from this black hat practice though there are ways of fighting this. Independent review sites will downplay such reviews limiting their impact. 


When you speak of customer reviews, you expect both negative and positive reviews. In fact, negative reviews aren't that bad until they are so frequent. Few negative reviews add credibility to the review. Customers will thus trust the positive reviews. The proportion of negative to positive reviews is what matters most.  If you have so many negative reviews for your product, it will sound an alarm. Only positive reviews will seem sponsored content which will lose credibility before the eyes of the buyers. Check out ebestpicks for quality reviews.